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Highly addictive». (KARIN SLAUGHTER). «A major talent». (HARLAN COBEN). «A great set-up, a situation you can almost see yourself in, and then it keeps you guessing right to the very end. I loved it.» (BECKY MASTERMAN, author of Fear the Darkness DID HE, OR DIDN’T HE?). Olivia Randall is one of New York City’s best criminal defence lawyers. When she gets a phone call informing her that her former fiancee has been arrested for a triple homicide there is no doubt in her mind as to his innocence. The only question is who would go to such great lengths to frame him – and why? For Olivia, representing Jack is a way to make up for past regrets, and the hurt she caused him, but as the evidence against him mounts, she is forced to confront her doubts.
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