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Out of Sight by Benedict Reid This is a fabulous young adult novel that completely grips from the opening page to the very satisfying ending. Robert Clarke is 16 years old, an American who now lives in New Zealand. He decides to start a band, Out of Sight, with some of his friends. He really loves music, but unfortunately, despite his best efforts, his guitar playing isnt any good. He doesnt have any rhythm on the drums, and he doesnt have much of a singing voice. But realizing this, he decides it is best to step back from performing to become the bands manager. This is a page-turning read as Robert manages the changing personal dynamics of the group as they enter a major competition. Then they decide to do a fundraiser for his friend Sarah, who needs to have some medical treatment overseas. The teenage characters are engaging and spot on. Roberts story of managing the band becomes something much bigger than he first thought, and by the end of the book, it seems he is well on his way to having a career as a band manager, working at something he really loves. Out of Sight is a great and inspirational read. Id recommend this novel to every teenager as it will open their eyes to so many possibilities in life. Karen McKenzie, Goodreads._,
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