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Irene’s husband has left her for a younger woman and her family business is on the verge of collapse, but the last thing she wants is to be the subject of gossip or pity. So she starts spending time with Genoveva, a divorcée who, in liberating herself from the bonds of marriage, has also freed herself from the clutches of the old crowd of “couple friends.”

Javier is a literature teacher who suddenly loses his job at a Catholic school. He’s not ambitious―the months go by and no work materializes. Then, almost by accident, he gets back in contact with Iván, a cocky friend from his youth who introduces him to the world of stripping and male prostitution.

Circumstance brings Irene and Javier together: he gets some extra cash and mental stimulation out of their relationship, and she finds an outlet for her frustrations. However, Irene doesn’t want to have sex with him―she just wants to see him naked, humiliated, dominated. Their relationship takes a troubling turn, but things may be even more complicated than they seem.

Alicia Giménez-Bartlett weaves a tale of economic and personal devastation, portraying the ways that life’s disappointments can bring people to do things they never would have imagined.

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Almansa, (1951-  ). Alicia Giménez Bartlett estudió filología española en la Universidad de Valencia y se doctoró en Literatura Española en la Universidad de Barcelona, ciudad en la que reside desde 1975. En 1981 publicó un estudio sobre Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. Su primera obra, Exit, fue editada en el año 1984. Ya en los años noventa, creó el famoso personaje de la inspectora Petra Delicado, que se convertiría en protagonista de sus siguientes novelas. En 1997 fue galardonada con el Premio Femenino Lumen por Una habitación ajena. En 2011 ganó el Premio Nadal con su novela Donde nadie te encuentre. En 2015 ha sido galardonada con el Premio Pepe Carvalho de Novela negra y con el Premio Planeta, por su novela Nubes de Tormenta.
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