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Penn Cage fears that his family is truly falling apart. He has lost his fiancée Caitlin, he’s become a killer himself in a blinding desire for revenge, and his father Tom Cage seems on the verge of being indicted for murder and brought to trial. Penn also faces the question of whether he has a half-brother, after it appears a DNA test exists that might prove that Tom’s former nurse Viola Turner bore his child. The surviving members of the Double Eagles, a violent offshoot of the KKK, are on the loose again and more dangerous than ever before. And the evidence that could have put them behind bars and exonerated Tom has now been destroyed in a plane crash. Now Penn must imagine his father’s life being torn apart on the witness stand as he and his mother try to navigate the devastating revelations from Tom’s past.

This is the enthralling conclusion of a trilogy that has kept readers on the edge of their seats and begging for more. Iles has a singular talent for illuminating the brutal history of the American South while masterfully orchestrating a highly atmospheric and breathtaking plot. This third installment in the trilogy will be the satisfying resolution we’ve all been waiting for.
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Es autor de best sellers del New York Times. Considerado uno de los autores de best sellers de última generación, más perspicaces e ingeniosos. Actualmente vive en Natchez, Misisipí, con su esposa y sus dos hijos.
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