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&lt,p&gt,We cordially welcome you to the 6th ACM Information Hiding and Multimedia Security Workshop – IH&amp,#38,MMSec’,18 – in Innsbruck, Austria. For more than 20 years, the workshop (and its predecessors) has attracted researchers from all over the world, whose efforts brought tremendous advances to the fields of Information Hiding and Multimedia Security.&lt,/p&gt, &lt,p&gt,This year, our call for papers has attracted a total of 40 submissions, both short and full papers, contributed by authors from North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Each paper has received at least three independent and double-blind reviews from members of the Technical Program Committee. On this basis, and incorporating the outcome of a paper discussion phase, the Program Chairs have selected the 18 most promising submissions for presentation and publication. The acceptance rate for full papers was 37.5%.&lt,/p&gt, &lt,p&gt,We use this opportunity to thank all the submitting authors and all reviewers for their high quality contributions and help, which has resulted in a strong technical program. The accepted papers cover the fields of steganography and steganalysis, forensics, biometrics, anonymity, and cryptography. We expect them to be of wide interest to researchers working both in academia and industry.&lt,/p&gt, &lt,p&gt,The technical program also features two invited keynote speakers. It is an honour to have as first keynote speaker professor Ross Anderson from Cambridge University, England. Ross is an influential thought leader who hosted the first Information Hiding workshop in 1996, and co-authored one of the most cited surveys on the area. In his keynote, he will present examples and concepts of covert and deniable communications. The second keynote is given by professor Luisa Verdoliva from the University Federico II of Naples, Italy, undoubtedly a rising star in our community. She will talk about the exciting discussion and share new insights on the role of deep learn
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