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She was disappearing inch by inch, vanishing into thin air, and then one day a postcard arrived . . . There was no return address, no signature, only a scrawled message: Say something.

Shelby Richmond is an ordinary girl growing up on Long Island until one night a terrible road accident brings her life to a halt. While her best friend Helene suffers life-changing injuries, Shelby becomes overwhelmed with guilt and is suddenly unable to see the possibility of a future she’d once taken for granted.
But as time passes, and Helene becomes an almost otherworldly figure within the town, seen by its inhabitants as a source of healing, Shelby finds herself attended to by her own guardian angel. A mysterious figure she half-glimpsed the night of the car crash, he now sends Shelby brief but beautiful messages imploring her to take charge of her life once more . . .
What happens when a life is turned inside out? When you lose all hope and sense of worth? Shelby, a fan of Chinese food, dogs, bookshops, and men she should stay away from, captures both the ache of loneliness and the joy of finding oneself at last. From the bestselling author of The Dovekeepers comes this spellbinding, poignant and life-affirming story of one woman’s journey towards happiness – and the power of love, family and fate.

‘A great atmospheric storyteller . . . Her books are a real pleasure’ Kate Atkinson

‘Alice Hoffman reminds us with every sentence that words have the power to transport us to alternate worlds’ Jodi Picoult
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Una de las escritoras con más reconocimiento de público y crítica en Estados Unidos, nació en 1952 y vive entre Boston y Nueva York. Es autora de 25 aclamados títulos, entre los que figura Prácticamente magia, cuya adaptación cinematográfica fue producida por Warner y protagonizada por Nicole Kidman y Sandra Bullock, El camino a casa, El futuro probable y Confesiones bajo el cielo. Sus obras han sido traducidas a veinte lenguas, y han merecido excelentes críticas en prestigiosos medios como The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Library Journal y People Magazine.
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