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ISBN: 9781535615853 Géneros: YFB Sinópsis: Drive me Mike Drive me to learn what it takes in life to have friendship a loving family Is Mike a superhero I don’t think so He shows us that we have the ability to do things in life that we wouldn39t normally do hidden deep inside ourselves Both before and after his accident he always enjoys people around him sharing his happiness with both the poor and the rich He helps in any way he can His inner self will come out and the superhero in our own minds will begin to develop If you look around that superhero could be anybody around you We always hope and we wish that things will changewell they can The power is in you You just don39t know how to get it out of your soul to bring it outside your body and help it evolve into something powerful beyond measure Mike knows and understands this that39s why disabled or not he will stand tall and become the superhero we all want to be
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