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2018 Reprint of KJV Edition  Full facsimile of the original edition not reproduced with Optical Recognition software  Full title is  The Apocrypha Translated Out of the Greek and Latin Tongues Being the Version Set Forth AD 1611 Compared with the Most Ancient Authorities and Revised AD 1894  This volume reprints the KJV Apocrypha in a single volume The Apocrypha 39hidden things39 are contemporaneous with the Old Testament but were not officially accepted as part of the Bible when the Hebrew 39canon39 was set They did however form part of the Greek Scriptures and came into English Bibles by that route The writings of the Apocrypha run the whole gamut of literary genres histories romances devotional works proverbs and sermons Many complement parts of the Old Testament and readers will recognize some familiar Biblical characters in the narratives such as Daniel and Esther
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